International students - Selection, enrolment and fees

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Fees and conditions

Payment of fees / Obtaining the student visa

Once the Institute has received your application form and the application fee of AUD $200, your application will be processed and, if successful, an offer of placement will be sent to you. This application fee is non-refundable if visa application is refused.

Upon receipt of the payment, ANIBT will send you an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment Form (eCoE Form) that you will need to take to the Australian Embassy to apply for your visa.

Protection of student fees

Fees paid by overseas students to ANIBT are deposited in a separate Education Account.  ANIBT is a part of the Federal Government Tuition Protection Service (TPS) Scheme.  This scheme ensures that if, for any reason, ANIBT is unable to continue operating, students who have not completed their courses will be offered enrolment in another school under this scheme.  For details of TPS, please refer to

Conditions of enrolment

  1. ANIBT reserves the right to accept or reject any application for enrolment at its discretion. If an applicant accepts a place offered by ANIBT and pays the fees, it means a binding contract is created between the student and ANIBT.
  2. All fees, charges and accounts will be payable in advance as determined by ANIBT. Students will not be permitted to commence or continue their course, at the beginning of any term, until all outstanding fees, charges or accounts are paid.
  3. Any payments not made by the due date will incur a late payment penalty of AUD $200, and after another two weeks will accrue a further penalty of AUD $50 per week or part week until the full amount has been paid.
  4. Subject to staff availability, there is no guarantee that every unit will be offered in any particular term. All units are subject to change through the processes of regular course revision.
  5. Fees and charges, while correct at the time of printing, are subject to change without prior notice.

Visa conditions for international students

  1. Under Australian Government regulations all international students must be enrolled for, and engaged in, full-time study, unless on a spouse visa.
  2. Any school-aged dependants accompanying an international student to Australia will be required to pay full fees if they are enrolled in either a government or non-government school.
  3. Students are required to advise ANIBT of any changes to their Australian address within seven days of the change.
  4. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is compulsory for all international students while studying in Australia. OSHC does not cover optometry, dental services or pre-existing conditions (ie. prior to entry into Australia). It covers 85% of the Government scheduled fee.
  5. ANIBT is obliged to report to the Australian Government any student who does not attend classes or who is not making satisfactory progress in their studies. Such a student may be asked by the Government to leave the country.
  6. You should acquaint yourself with full Australian student visa conditions at accepting a place at ANIBT.

Other conditions

  1. The student is required to attend all classes and undertake all tests and examinations during a course and abide by all rules and regulations of the Institute that are in force at any time.
  2. The student who failed a unit may be required to repeat that unit. The time and charges for the repeated unit are at the discretion of ANIBT.
  3. ANIBT may by giving written notice vary conditions of enrolment as may be necessary to comply with any law, regulation or amendment thereof, of the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Victoria.
  4. In the event of circumstances requiring urgent medical care where it is not possible to contact the parent/guardian, ANIBT is authorised as a matter of urgency to seek and provide appropriate medical care.
  5. International students must meet the minimum English language proficiency requirement for entry into the course. The English proficiency will be tested; if the test reveals that the English language skills are insufficient, the student will be required to enrol in an English program prior to the commencement of studies at the discretion of ANIBT.
  6. International students should be aware that information provided to ANIBT may be made available to Commonwealth and State agencies and the Fund Manager of the ESOS Assurance Fund, pursuant to obligations under the ESOS Act 2000 and the National Code of Practice.
  7. ANIBT operates in accordance with the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students, and Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act). Refer to

Selection policy

ANIBT’s student selection process is conducted in a fair and ethical manner. Entry requirements are in accordance with equal opportunity regulations in Australia. Students must make themselves familiar with the pre-enrolment information available from ANIBT and authorised agents.

The following criteria are assessed to determine selection:

  • Pre-enrolment information has been supplied
  • Applicant bona fide status
  • Evidence of English language and numeracy proficiency (students may enrol for English instruction at ANIBT if they do not meet the language requirement)
  • Minimum Year 12 academic qualification (or overseas equivalent) is generally required for Diploma courses or if less, demonstrated competence in the chosen field
  • Minimum Year 11 academic qualification is generally required for Certificate courses
  • Mature age students (20 years or over) will also be considered if they have relevant industry experience

Minimum English language proficiency

The Australian Government publishes rules governing English language proficiency for international students. You should establish your countries assessment level by consulting the DIMIA tables on

Generally, international students need an IELTS band score of 5.5, or recognised equivalent, to demonstrate their English proficiency for Certificate or Diploma courses. Alternatively, admission may be approved if the language of instruction of the home country is English, or the language spoken at home is English, or upon successful completion of the Cambridge English Proficiency Tests and a satisfactory outcome of interviews with ANIBT staff or representatives.

Overseas students who do not provide an IELTS (or equivalent, for example TOEFL) score will be interviewed to ascertain language, literacy and numeracy ability and may be required to sit an English language or numeracy test. If necessary, students will be asked to complete an English Language Course, offered by ANCE and suggested by ANIBT, in either an academic or vocational stream, before being admitted into a formal course.

Learning support strategies

ANIBT provides a range of enrichment and support programs designed to help students optimise their achievement. These include:

  • Offering additional individual tutor support if required;
  • Providing explicit instruction in the development of effective study skills;
  • Mentoring students to assist them achieve the best possible results;
  • Supporting students to gain high-level skills in vocational, information and communication technologies.

School orientation program

All students will take part in an orientation program after enrolment where various staff will assist students to become familiar with the ethos of the Institute. This will take place the week before the course begins. You will meet the academic and administrative staff, and particular attention will be given to course details and assessment within your chosen area. The procedure for complaints and grievances, as well as access and equity, will also be explained. Students will have the opportunity to ask further questions about any aspect of the Institute. Students enroling after a course has already commenced will be given an individual orientation program.

ANIBT conducts regular sessions that deal with essential study skills. Students are assisted to reflect on their approach to study, the level of their skills and on how to optimise study skills.

Activities likely to be undertaken by students in these sessions include:

  • Setting goals
  • Monitoring goal achievement
  • Time management planning
  • Development of organisational skills
  • Taking action to control and organise study, work and recreation
  • Self-assessment tests on a range of study effectiveness topics

Enrolment policies

Students may enrol through one of our authorised agents or apply directly to ANIBT. If students would like to enrol with ANIBT, they should do the following:

  • Select the preferred course
  • Complete the application form below
  • Attach all relevant transcripts and records
  • Mutual Recognition and Recognition of Prior Learning applicants must supply information translated into English, if necessary, by an authorised translator
  • International students must provide proof of English proficiency
  • Forward the completed form to: ANIBT, Level 7, 474 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

Please include an application fee of AUD $200 in the form of a bank draft made payable to Australian National Institute of Business & Technology (ANIBT) or by bank transfer.

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