Career development

ANIBT now delivers aspiring and current Career Development Practitioners with the latest in Career Development qualifications.

Completing either of these VET based career development qualifications will enhance your practical skills, knowledge, resources, tools and networks in your current or planned work environment. ANIBT Career Development Practitioner training will also enable you to:

  • Get qualified to meet professional accreditation standards
  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification
  • Gain recognition for and build upon your prior learning and experience
  • Direct or guide your learning within the National Skills Framework and to Australian Quality Framework standards
  • Be trained by practising accredited Career Development professionals


Graduates of ANIBT's  Graduate Certificate in Career Development Practice will now be considered accredited career practitioners for membership at the professional level of the CDAA and ACPI (Australian Chapter)




If you are currently engaged in any of the following roles and are providing career advice, planning or development services within a school based setting, ANIBT's Career Development qualifications will get you up-skilled and qualified to give your students the right career advice.

  • School Counsellor
  • Career Co-ordinator
  • Managed Individual Pathways (MIP) Co-ordinator
  • Curriculum Co-ordinator



If you are currently engaged in any of the following Career Development services then ANIBT'S Career Development qualifications will get you upskilled and qualified to practice.

  • Human Resources (Talent or Performance Management)
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Job centres
  • Community services
  • Recruitment / Outplacement services
  • Counselling / Coaching
  • Your own Career Development practice